Moon Mermaid and the Treasure of Friendship Book


Dive into a world of waterfalls, pirate islands, mermaids, fairies, a wizard, a unicorn and of course magic! "Moon Mermaid and the Treasure of Friendship" is a beautiful photo story book about a lonely mermaid that finds a very special treasure map and on her adventure discovers that friendship is the most magical treasure of all! 

~A book for all who believe in magic! 

~The book is 54 pages, 8.5x8.5 inches, paperback, with amazing color photo pages and graphics taken above and underwater.

~ If you would like the book autographed, please request at checkout. .~*•Oo 

~ If outside of the US message me your address to find out what shipping will be.

Author~ Moon Mermaid
Photographers~ Grant Brummett, Neil Johnson, Flashingscottsman, and Miah Gonzales
Graphics and Layout~ Mike Puliz and Charles Salvador